Lori Dawn Comerford

  Artist and Educator

Artist and Educator
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Courage, 2015 mixed media on wood panel/resin  42"x72" (commission for Tommy Douglas Secondary School)

Tree Mandala, 2014  ink on wood 24"x24"

The Grand Design, 2014 ink on wood 4 panels 12"x12"

Circumpunct, 2013  acrylic and mixed media on canvas  12 panels 12"x12"

Portal, 2012, acrylic and                Glimpses, 2014  acrylic on canvas    
mixed media, 14"x20"                                                    24"x36"         

Donkey Sanctuary, 2014  acrylic on canvas   24"x36" (for charity fundraiser)

Micro and Macro, 2012   acrylic on wood panel/resin   2 panels 14"x18"

      Accumulating, 2013  acrylic and mixed media on wood panel,  48"x 24"
        Found, 2014  oil on wood panel /resin 20"x20"                    Forgotten, 2012  oil on wood panel/resin  20"x20"  

                    Alignment, 2012    Acrylic, resin and mixed media on wood  2 panels 12 x 12 inches  

 Selkie, 2009-2012    oil and mixed media on canvas  32 x 40 inches

      The Place Between, 2011    Photo, Acrylic Painting and Video projection(not shown) on wood  3 panels 24x36  

   Navigation, 2011            Acrylic and mixed media on wood 36x48 inches (sold)

Time Passes in RGB, 2010      three video monitors in white wood panel,  20x40 inches

           Perceptually Speaking, 2010    Acrylic and mixed media on wood with video monitor insert,  21x30 inches

  Cosmic Monkey, 2009       Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40 inches

 As Within so Without, 2008     Oil on Canvas with Mixed Media   12x12 inches

                            Who Speaks to Me with My Own Voice, 2005/2008 Acrylic and mixed media

                  Things I learned from Nancy, 2010   acrylic and mixed media on wood/resin  2 panels 10"x10"                    

                                   Smudged Mascara, 1999       Photo Emulsion on canvas    30 x40 inches  ( sold)
                                (She sat smoking with smudged mascara and dyed black hair she had on my father's bathrobe)

                     Every Morning I Checked, 1999   Photo Emulsion on Canvas   3 panels 14x 30 inches each
                                          I knew there were two things that were important to him his bathrobe and his
                                                             I knew that when he left they would be gone
                                                          Every morning I checked in the morning I checked

                                        Banishment, 1999        Photo Emulsion on Canvas,  24x36 inches

                             Une heroine disillusione, 1998      Acrylic and mixed media on canvas   48x90 inches

                                                     Id and Ego, 1985            Silver print  11x14 inches
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